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    The Transformers was Hasbro of America and Takara Japan well known brand. Having run for several years and the product line changes vary through its lifetime. We have varitey of different series's Transformers action figures and other related merchandises. Including manufacture products from Takara Tomy Company, and different series such as, platinum edition, masterpiece (MP), masterpiece movie series (MPM), movie the best, studio series, seige, and titans return.

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  • Damingtoys - Marvel Legends

    Marvel Legends

    Marvel character and stories have been adapted to many other media. Beyond the comics, films and shows, there is a lot of merchandise that fans can enjoy. There is a whole world (or universe) of Marvel products, We have variety series of superheros, X-men, sugar man BAF and others collections. Here is an interesting place to shop for your Marvel merchandise collections.

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  • Damingtoys - Star Wars

    Star Wars

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  • Damingtoys - Overwatch


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